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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wu Zun & Rainie went to take bath together..!!??

So, at last ~~ It was a wrap for GTV’s upcoming drama, “Sunshine Angel”. Rainie Yang and Wu Chun were filming their last scene together at the Bai-Sha-Wan beach in the afternoon. After the scene was completed, the crew decided to celebrate at a BBQ restaurant. Everyone of the crew persons were present at right time in the restaurant but the two stars were missing from 7pm and didn’t show up at the restaurant until 10pm.

Wu Chun joked, “We went to that auto…something.” But Rainie interrupted, “Yeah! We went on a date!” Wu Chun then finally explained, “After filming at the beach, our bodies were really sticky & as we were covered with sand, so we went to take a bath.” When asked if they were bathing together, Rainie humorously said, “Oh Yes! Wu Chun has a great body!” She then added, “We’ve already talked about this and decided anyway that If we are rumored to be dating, we’ll just admit to it. Its great to admit it before everyone”.

Rainie revealed that when she received the nomination for Golden Bell’s Best Actress Award for her role in “Hi! My Sweetheart”, her good friend Ariel Lin immediately called to congratulate and she was moved to tears. Wu Chun couldn’t help but ask, “Why didn’t you cry when I congratulated you?” Rainie made fun, “Wu Chun has improved a lot in ‘Sunshine Angel’, so everyone should stop saying that he only has his ‘no. 1’ expression.” Realizing what she had just said, Rainie tried to explain, “Sorry! I’m not saying that you only have ‘no. 1’ expression, it’s what the netizens say.”

Credits : Apple daily

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