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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A star's life : Jiro Wang

Jiro shares about how his life goes on, what he feels & what he likes.
Jiro likes to go to the Night market , used to go to Shilin night market. It all goes well until I was discovered pointing , and later tracked , followed by onlookers , find themselves much like the animals , to quickly leave.
As Fahrenheit , the most painful thing is the loss of some privacy and with his family time to spend . I think they are high-profile lover, not with the love the people in the street kissing , hand in hand , people find it very painful.
Mom always loved me, my father passed away, I will say thanks to students, so she would not get lonely .
Like Lady Gaga 's <Poker Face>, but the middle section of Rap very difficult to read the back is not up, but the other the melody is interpretation of very good . (Emphasis like)
Recently went to the Netherlands, Van Gogh Museum. Album is in the Netherlands viewfinder , plus he liked to paint, read Van Gogh 's life and work , very enlightening . Due to Iceland volcanic disruption travel , then returned to still find it quite beautiful . to say their How red ah ! ( pop ) has a large number of fans and media at the airport, pick it ... ... .
Before a concert , I will listen to High song, can reduce the tension, and drinking cola , sparkling on the fun.
Acting, my strength is at the Key board in front of one-man show . Because the concert will going to be full with dance. I usually do practice floor action, now that seems to have not so young, bone is very vulnerable to injuries. Always do remember to exercise before warm up .
I bought the assembled wardrobe and found myself incorporating expert. "A friend Came home found that there is room to walk." Jiro laughed.
I like to get dressed before a date. But before going to bed I will spend more than an hour , like tomorrow what to wear . Go to bed , I will play with mobile phones, easily finishing the day mood , send and receive email. like After the bath blowing air , lying in bed finishing thoughts , after it safe to sleep.
I like to see signage . Especially abroad when , will be creative banners, posters photographed to do records.

When going out, well, have to be out of the house two or three times . Often only close , but also open the door check, fearing gas did not pass, the plug did not pull , afraid that didn't forget anything .

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