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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wu Zun in new drama / Idol Image soared to 6 times.

Wu Chun and Rainie starer  "Sunshine Angel " overseas copyright sell an impressive suction gold around 3 million,  and then to help him build a new idol drama "Absolute Darling " . This a collection reward of about 30 million has been comparable with the Luo , the "absolute " and  the Korean version of the , " Meteor Garden " actress Goo Hye Sun partner , she set compensation 10,005 thousand U.S. dollars (about 47 millionNT), 20 -episode , she earned million.

The year Wu Zun Shoot "Romantic Princess" was a set of reward 5 million , because of high ratings of Romantic Princess, the rewrd of   "Basketball Fire " or "Hot Shot" rose to 12 million & in the same play Luo was about 20 million, Jerry Yan's was as high as 49 million. A year before when Wu Chun moved to the big screen, however, "Butterfly Lovers" And " Jin Yiwei, " at the box office was not ideal , end of last year and he back in the drama market, making "sunshine angel " a set of 25 million , and were followed by "Absolute ,"  is definitely an achievement, compensation from the earliest 50,000 rose to 30 million , 4 years worth turned 6 times.

 This year in March He and other "Fahrenheit" members to serve Taiwan tourism as the ambassador ,went to Korea to promote tourism, with the good benefits out of step theme song MV "Touch Your Heart". It's that time, Wu Zun was approached for the new drama role the adaptation of Japan Manga "Absolute Darling " , "the two successful partner".

Official announcement is yet to be confirmed for this new drama "Absolute Boyfriend/Darling".
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvJzSFAQG2w

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