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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fahrenheit celebrates 5 year anniversary.

Fahrenheit celebrated their five year anniversary by going cycling on the 15th – to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide as part of promoting awareness to global warming because it's...."Super Hot". After five years of being together,Wu Chun laughed, “We’ve become more talkative in these five years! I find myself having a growing interest in behind the scenes work. I hope to try out screenwriting in the near future.”

Jiro Wang on the other hand expressed, “This fifth year anniversary is only the beginning. We will work hard to achieve the same level of success as S.H.E!” Fahrenheit reconfirmed that there will “definitely be a next album.”

Calvin Chen was rather emotional and stated, “I thank our company very much for giving the four of us, Fahrenheit, the chance to be on stage, and always making a balanced decision on what is needed in the market and what we want to do for our music.”

24 year old Aaron Yan also celebrated the end of having fringes, “Fringes contrast my real personality a lot.” Aaron revealed that he has put school aside to focus on his career in music and acting. According to various sources, due to his previous knee injury, he is exempted from military duties; He has reportedly suspended his studies without notifying his school.

On criticisms from netizens, the fringe-less member responded, "Our dancing is not in-sync, our harmony is not harmonized.  We know know all about this.  That means we must work harder, so more people would give us recognition."

In related news, Aaron’s upcoming drama “Death Girl” has suddenly put its filming on hold. Aaron explained, “It’s because the director wants to edit the script for the last four episodes. I was also feeling that it needed to be re-filmed, and the director announced it.”

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