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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Red Carpet : for celebrating the 5 years.

Hua research records specifically held " down to earth, work together to " celebrate the ceremony site selection at the Riverside Park and covered fifty meters " all the way long red "red carpet, four ride bike breaking the fifth anniversary of the Red cloth , symbolizing the five years of driving time is long hard , but in the perseverance spirit of , becoming the Chinese-language pop music and first men's team representatives over the cloth also means that to a new milestone. Four people choose to use bicycles to celebrate "Fahrenheit" birthday , inspired by the fourth new album, " too hot "in the title track , " too hot ", the earth continues to heat up , weather more and more hot , the tip of keep the melting A lot of air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions to the Earth sick , in order to the public better understand " hot "songs purposes , Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen , Wu Chun and Arron Yan, the decision by cycling to reduce carbon dioxide emissions , tell the world of environmental protection Important.

Because "Fahrenheit , "the debut date and "SHE" separated by five days , "SHE" last week in the Chi Kuantu Park, and fans to recycle to celebrate into the military for 10 years , "Fahrenheit "is by cycling achieved Carbon reduction objective , while a " Queen -day mission , " the other side is " man -day mission , " Sister Young in environmental issues to hands-on way to practice understanding full ! Activity beginning, four in the field cheering, riding bike slowly forward , Jiro said: "This a five-year is just the beginning of , we want to the line of duty SHE align ! " present in Australia, a concert the " SHE ", also by telephone blessing "Fahrenheit "to continue the next five years, heritage meaning a strong .

On the day the weather quite well, in the media joint visit during the , Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen , Wu Chun and Aaron under the scorching sun , four refer to " hot "! With the new album, " too hot " to express the image of the same four laughed and said : " The four of us today wear are Colorful! seems, is a vibrant youthful look ! While riding a bike though sweaty but very healthy! " asked five years of growth, Wu Chun first joked: " five years If have changed much more attractive! ha ha! their discovery working behind the scenes very interested in , the next want to try the film writers attempt ".

 Had just took over variety show host people Big East , said: "This year did a lot of things, including a first autobiography photo book , I hope presided over can be more progress ".

 Calvin is emotional , said: " very grateful to the company to the We are Fahrenheit Four stage , so that we can in the music business , and your favorite performance type of balance point that we bring of Fahrenheit the fans , each person is unique where ".

 Aaron is Thankful, a good Brother, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen , Wu Chun care : " We all know that my age is relatively small , for five years, record companies and three of them gave me advice and guidance , so Fahrenheit could have very stable growth."

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