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Monday, September 13, 2010

Aaron yan's interview on star club [VIDEO SUBS]

Aaron feels being an actor is not easy. He always works hard to build his career. Being the youngest in Fahrenheit, Ya lun has suffered more than other members & those sour experiences have changed his view on life. Sometimes in the past, he thought that can he still go on, with all that happeing across him. Can he still hold on..?? He was unable to trust anyone in the past, whether they are just talking or offering friendship.He says getting goodfriends is not easy, because most of the time many of them backstab you. But I'm glad to have three of them as my bro's and as my friends.

In the past few years he matured quite fast, and now is quite able to control his emotions, not being the kid anymore. When asked about his sexuality, he said" It doesn't bothers him much. Media can cook anything up whether to hang around with guys or girls." His image has been quite a fooder for media since his debut.

When asking about the group disbanding or goin solo~~ arron said," those days they feel very sad about this, how can people think about this & now it's been a habit to hear such lame gossips". Sometimes people say Wu Zun will go solo as he is very popular. Ya lun told that if anytime Wu Zun gets late on the sets the three of them starts teasing him ," Wu Zun, you want o go solo right?". Now, all that has become a fun topic for the group.They won't be disbanding because they are Fahrenheit.

                                           Aaron's interview on star club. [ENG SUB]

credits: fahrenheitglobal for subs.

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