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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wu Zun's first choice Patty..

Fahrenheit new album " too hot " The second, tenderness hit " cherish your heartache , " sings the male of the beloved treasure and distressed girls , music video than a single Gang performed by the Wu Zun , he is the superior play The series for the first time as a writer from the work of agents in the music video in the embodiment of bodyguards protecting battered women crazy fans intimidation beautiful anchor . The record company spends the specifications of the film was finished the film to a length of six-minute presentation style will love the film .

When Wu Zun and director candidates for the female lead in the discussions , the two people the first time without any intent to make : " Patty ! " Wu Chun said: "When the director talked to me the plot , I thought brain beginning Patty ! " which is Wu Zun is the first time in Fahrenheit MV lead role , early in the morning at six to begin preliminary work has been photographed before midnight knock off early , before the filming idol dramas extend working hours , coupled with the day also produced another film MV Speech , and the personal battle martial scenes, not tired, Wu Zun , cumulative hours of work almost 50 hours of intermittent sleep less than two hours rest , your role will quite heavy and , he continued to Eager to make amends with the crew staff to discuss the script , go Position and movement , the purpose is to achieve a perfect MV out .

Fahrenheit for the first time as the MV of the protagonist , so Wu Zun laughed : " Ha ha! finally my turn ! as fans all know, Big East in the " left " and Aaron 's " lonely runaway " , have starred in the first An actor Well, finally now I play for Hello ! "Drama and film veteran Chun , this time in the " distressed you the heart aches, " the script , and he is involved in a lot of views and ideas : "I always wanted to shoot a film on the bodyguard , so when the discussion list I proposed such a story. "

For Patty Hou 's performances, Wu Zun also expressed thanks and appreciation ! Asked why the brain is the first choice of actress Patty Hou , Wu Zun said happily : "Before, no half-baked when seen Patty in Brunei broadcast news, that she was both professional and beautiful ! very appreciated from the heart Anchor , also feel they are engaged in journalism , often the first line needs to report the news , cool , and very hard . "

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