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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hanging On Wires For 10 Days Wu Chun Is Not Afraid Of Hardships, Wants To Do A Basketball Movie Next.

吳尊甘願為演到好作品做出犧牲。(圖/men's uno)
Wu Chun willing to make sacrifices for good work. Pic Courtsey men's uno
Wu Chun's new film "Valiant Legend" was recently released & when its promotions came to an end , he accepted the "men's uno" magazine interview, and revealed that he enjoys filming, and hopes to play different roles always and did not want to repeat the role. Wanting to cooperate with MJ in a Basketball movie, is his greatest wish!

Wu Chun feels that the film "Valiant Legend" was lucky, costarring with the seven Yang heroes, movie shows strong brotherhood, Wu Chun said: "I ​​began to worry about the coordination, but because we attach great importance to this movie, also liked the story, so we always get together to eat and talk, and this lead to cultivating good feelings, very different from the start. "

Wu Chun in the film was last key for the big show, the last key duel, played as full 10 days hanging on wire! Shooting a month ago, Wu Chun went for martial arts training, practicing horse riding and weapons. Wu Chun said: "For me the highlight in the end, probably took 10 days, in the beginning of the show they have been beaten badly on to the ground, how many times ate the sand.. don't know, but after seeing the effects, I quite like it."

吳尊計畫出書。(圖/men's uno)

Filming the hard work of Wu Zun not afraid of his debut idol image, and finally fell in love with acting, he said: "Maybe I was originally giving that impression, not immediately cover the past, but this thing is to rely on experience really appropriate role, play space, in order to let everyone see a different you, I am now searching a rol to make myself to hone slowly. "

Wu Chun said he is preparing a book that would describe himself .. how he was before, and the right now bit by bit, from his student time, with MOM's story, and along the way encountering frustration and feelings of all kinds, hoping the words let you all know more about him.

Src: Now news + sina news.
Translated & summed up by:  An Bao
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