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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wu Chun Didn't Slept For 54 Hours To Meet The Basketball Star Jordan.

Dated: Feb 21,2013
Wu Chun, who is a Coca-Cola spokesperson was recently fortunate enough to get brand arrangements, went to the United States Houston appreciate his idol Michael Jordan (米高佐敦)  who have participated in the All-Star Basketball Game. Excited to see Jordan, Chun didn't slept for 54 hours. He also joked that through this trip I feel much closer to my childhood dream of becoming an NBA player.

To see his idol Michael Jordan play, Wu Chun flew from Brunei to Singapore, then diverted Houston to Los Angeles , because of the long-haul process, not slept in three days, jointly and severally arrived in Houston, could not sleep because of the time difference , has been a long time cannot get sleep, but when he thought of meeting with idol Michael Jordan, his heart forgets about being tired.

Wu Chun said, Michael Jordan was born on February 17, he will participate in the All Star All-Star basketball game on the same day. Wu Chun special rented a car, personally drove to the venue to find his seat, he secretly, said: "I really appreciate that the brand arranged such a good seat, its nice to be the brands spokesperson, Felt one step closer to the childhood dream of becoming an NBA Player! "

Wu Chun not being a NBA player, still can feel the atmosphere of the game, its very good! During the game, some girls also looking for his photo, but the Wu Chun thought those girls do not know him, just looking for a Chinese photographed, but he also found it funny, so he took a pic with the self-timer camera and the girls.

After completing his dream trip, Wu Chun will be busy in the publicity for his film "Valiant Legend" and go to different places to shoot for commercials, filming another new movie in April as reported.

Source : Headline Daily
Translated by: yaluncute@twitter
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