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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aaron Yan Ices His Foot For 10 Hour Each Night.

Aaron (Source: China Research)
Aaron foot injury rehabilitation, with ice bucket (Source: Yes China)
With the upcoming concert of two days at Taiwan University Gymnasium, Yalun has began intensive rehearsal  practicing dance 5 hours a day in order to surprise fans. He's practicing and dancing with great passion, but as his knee injury is still in rehabilitation, 
he carries a 25 kg ice bucket around with him to avoid any swelling coz of the practice. His fellow mates even laughs saying that he may get frozen chicken feet.



Aaron has dedicated two weeks for his dance practice, forcing himself to bring out the best from him, always practicing full 5 hours. In order to avoid any problem with leg he gets a good warm-up with 30 minutes of foot massage before the practice. Been workaholic, he said, he has to ask his mates to bring four ice packs to put into the ice bucket, for massaging so that it can prevent any blood clotting.
Yalun also said that because of the dancing the force is more on foot , each time he ices for almost 10 hours, even in morning. But due to the hard work each time he goes for diagnosis the doctors always warn him to not to jump again. 
Aaron also recalled his high school drama participation where he was for 1 and a half year. Always playing the supporting role, with a humble smile he said, " Every time seniors were in lead role, but in that I can just secretly observe the actress intimate dance interaction, Aaron said "In the beginning we do not dare to go close to each other, for fear of too deep into the drama, but in the end completely immersed into the role".
Src: twent china + yes news.
Translated & summed up by:  An Bao
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I hope Aaron Yan can overcome his injury sooner...a lot of your fan continue supporting...God always there and guide you all the time. Never lose hope♥

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