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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Aaron Clarified Cosmetic Rumors Denied Any Confrontation With Jiro Wang.

On September 8 in Taipei, Aaron Yan appeared as the beauty shop promoter, a shop owner for one day long, as because of his high popularity, long queues were seen from afternoon, some of the fans fainted coz of the high temperature ( heat stroke ), Aaron appealed to "pay attention to your safety, and also to drink good amount of water".

Fahrenheit member Jiro, in Hong Kong for the publicity recently, reporters asked : "If Aaron had plastic face?" He answered "Yes", and subsequently denied, the news spread to Taiwan. On this Aaron said with a laugh: "I believe that he did not listen carefully the reporter's question, after that Big East send text messages to me, "he said, " I told him, I do not care, because sometimes the scene(on their autograph sessions etc.) is too noisy to catch the question perfectly.

Reporters also asked "Do you think Jiro have a plastic face? "Aaron: " No, he's natural beauty, he is very afraid of pain", he smiled back saying," It would take a very long period of time, if Jiro went for surgery for what now he looks like ".

On asked which parts do you most like? He smiled back: "face".

Credits :
Source : TwentChina
Translated by : yaluncute@Twitter