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Friday, August 3, 2012

Jiro Wang To Release His First Rock Album.





According to Taiwan media reports, Jiro Wang debut 12 years ago, undergone a lot of hardships, even becoming wage earners for a family. In his heart "Rock Style" was always his dream, now finally, in 2012, his dream has been realized, launching the first solo album titled "What are you waiting for" on his birthday (^_^), emotional Jiro said: "Rock Style has always been my dream, and nothing else, it depends on what you want to do!

Jiro Wang has suffered the record company's restructuring hiatus of five years working out in showbiz for his family. But in 2005 he joined Fahrenheit and started afresh , to become an idol. Jiro launching his personal first solo album "What are you waiting for" in the summer of 2012 , its filled with a large number of rock elements, Jiro Wang is wholly involved in the discussions.

HIM emphasized that Jiro Wang's solo album does not mean that Fahrenheit is gonna disband. But his dream will be finally gonna realized, on August 24 birthday, while organizing birthday press conference. August 11, Jiro Wang will also be holding the first autograph and singing session.

Jiro Wang from the age of 16 a high school student started to bear all the family responsibilities when his father become seriously ill and hospitalized, Jiro carried the burden of livelihood , for his family's living expenses and father's medical bills. He also did worked part-times : giving away leaflets, carrying steel, charcoal as workers and hair assistants. After the death of his father, Jiro took the head position in the family to take care of his MOM, he is recognized in the showbiz as a dutiful son.

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Source: ETToday
Translation By : yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


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