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Friday, June 1, 2012

Aaron Yan sheds tears over poor ratings.

CTS/GTV’s “Alice In Wonder City” has just wrapped up its filming.  Aaron Yan spent eight months to film the drama including learning how to play the violin.  Many viewers praised that his violin playing scenes were very real and that his acting had improved a lot.  However, the drama continued to struggle in ratings as it only averaged 0.56% on last weekend’s episode. (Top photo: Aaron (right) and Shiou Jieh Kai are the leads.)

During the celebration party after the filming, Aaron said while shedding tears, “We had many obstacles while filming this drama, but everyone did their best to complete it.  I hope that everyone can feel the “life” I’ve put into portraying He Ting-Yu (his character’s name).”

                                                 Aaron was in tears at the celebration party.

There are many reasons for the drama’s dismal ratings.  Since Aaron’s sexuality had often been questioned, the media asked if it affected the drama.  GTV’s representative expressed that Aaron was very manly in the drama and did a very good job in expressing his character’s pride and confidence, as well as his nervousness in playing first violin.

Netizens believed that the poor ratings were because the female leads, Tracy Chou and Lara, were not a big draw.  Many criticized that Lara had poor speech in addition to the drama being choppy.


Translated by: Written by: fufu on 5/31/2012 @ CpopAccess.com
Main Source: Appledaily


A name without a face said...

I want to watch this....music!

name without a face said...

hmmm I saw some clips, and nope its not just the stars which I have no idea who because I don't know them, based on the trailer which mostly revolved on romance, I really don't know how these characters evolve...trailers just gives you a peek but the trailer bed scene just took away my ineterest (sorry for mentioning but I don't want to go breaking people's heart) so I won't even comment on anything anymore on his career....but it seems based on remakes ideally stories which have strong character growth still sell meaning your audience is using their brains more than their emotions