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Friday, December 2, 2011

Wu Chun Spellbinds Singapore.

Wu Chun (right) posing with his co-star, Raymond Wong (middle) and director, Wilson Yip (left).
1 Dec – The "Magic To Win" stars, producer Raymond Wong, director Wilson Yip, and also the popular ex-Mandopop boy band member of Fahrenheit, Wu Chun have cast their magic in Singapore on 29 November, following their visit to Malaysia. A press conference was held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel for the press, although some lucky fans were selected for the opportunity to meet the stars up close.

Wu Chun had a lot to share about his role, which sees him start off as a helpless guy who became a ghost after being attacked by the antagonist, played by Wu Jing, unlike his previous heroic roles. Wu Chun admits that he was drawn to it because of the character's similarity with Wong in "Happy Ghost".

The Taiwan heartthrob also bore a liking for magic tricks after he got to learn a few from fellow actor and real magician, Tonny Jan, during the filming.

However, he would not use his tricks to impress girls.

Wu Chun being interviewed.
"If I learn some tricks, I would only perform the tricks for close family members. If I were to perform in front of others, I won't be able to do it. I can only use it to entertain people whom I am close with," said the 32-year-old.

According to Raymond Wong, ""Magic To Win" is an upgraded version of the classic "Happy Ghost" series keeping the elements of youth, adventure and action but injected with new elements such as applying the concept of fantasy, coupled with CGI effects."

Wong's confidence can be credited to his having brought the award-winning and acclaimed director of "Ip Man" Wilson Yip on board.

When asked why Yip agreed to shooting this film, he said, "Since I already made so many martial art and action films, I would like to make something contemporary with a comic flair."

""Magic To Win" allows me to incorporate both action and comedy in a single movie, and gives me space for my imagination to run free," he added.

Some have commented that "Magic To Win" appeared to be an Asian version of "Harry Potter", but Wong insisted that the subject of magic has been used in 20 years ago in "Happy Ghost", before Harry Potter was even created.

After the press conference, the stars also made an appearance at Plaza Singapura for an up-close and personal meet-the-fans as well as an autograph session.

The first 50 fans present at the event will get an exclusive ticket to attend the "Magic To Win" Gala Premiere where they can watch the movie with their favourite stars at The Grand Cathay and some fans even queued overnight from 8.30pm the day before to put themselves at an advantage.

On top of that, the organizer also held a charity rice donation event in conjunction with the "Magic To Win" event. Wu Chun appealed for everyone to contribute packets of rice and he himself had contributed 100 packets of rice.

The stars appealing for rice donations to charity.

Cinema Online, 01 December 2011
By Tammy Ang


nobody said...

sometimes I asked myself why I had to defy the odds, and people think they know you by your past, I thought I knew Chun because of his pains, I will never get the hang of this industry anyway, and yet I do not speak but in my heart I was truthful and I wish this man happiness, but other than that I wish you not worldly success but contentment....I have not met you but to me I knew your heart, and I wish you nothing but LOVE in your heart with those who will forever be true to you inspite of living in a Fantasy world....may you magic in a sense of believing in thing that seems not possible....ciao