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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Calvin Chen Groped By Fan And Still Smiling?

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November 22, 2011

When Calvin Chen had a book signing event in Shanghai the other day, a lot of female fans came to the event, including married women carrying their children. On the stage, Calvin Chen was also hugged by fans, maybe even suspected to have been "secretly attacked"? Yesterday, he explained to Ah Xia, "I think it's just an issue of camera angles. There was no direct contact (between the hand and Calvin's lower body part). Probably the shot was done when the girl was in the process of lowering her hand, that's why it looked the way it looked."

Even though the attack on "Little Calvin" was only a false alarm, Calvin Chen also mentioned a previous incident in China. It was winter and the female fan went onstage and wanted to drape a scarf over his neck, but the thought he couldn't accept such generosity. He didn't anticipate that the female fan suddenly turned her head to kiss him on the cheek, scaring him, staff members took her away from the stage. But most of the time he knows how to protect himself.

 Ah Xia thinks that nowadays female fans' level of enthusiasm are not inferior to males'. So male idols have to be extra careful. When they go out to perform or attend events, it's best that the "most important part" is protected, like wearing a coconut shell over the "little brother", so that even if somebody sneaks an attack on it, the plan is foiled and nothing serious happens.

Source: Apple News
Translated By: nastyhobbit @ AF