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Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Not a fake friendship": Fahrenheit reunite on stage to promote Taiwan Tourism, rake in 30 million TWD

In June of this year, because Wu Chun has declared his intention not to sing with the group, HIM International Records officially announced that Wu Chun has left Fahrenheit. Fans were shocked and confused, and played a blame game online, even tossing a lighter towards Arron Yan. Yesterday, Arron Yan admitted, "Those first days following the announcement were really hard to take, and even texted Wu Chun to ask him about it. "We didn't fake our friendship and just pretended to be good friends on stage these past five years. With what happened recently, all four of us need time to adjust."
Now that Wu Chun's flying solo has become fact, Calvin Chen said, "Public life is public, private life is private. Our management and handlers are now different, but the four of us still have opportunities to work together."

Yesterday, the four held a fan meeting to promote Taiwan tourism, attracting more than a thousand fans from Japan and Korea, and taking in an estimated 30 million TWD in tourism revenues. Even Wu Chun was the first to start their introduction by saying "We are Fahrenheit." After officially flying solo, he has once again uttered these words. Did it feel weird? Wu Chun laughed and said, "I've said these words for five years. How can it be weird to say it again?"

But the friction between management companies is already evident behind the scenes. For example, because they don't have the same assistant, hairstylist, and make-up artist, there was an army of staff members at the venue. To this, Calvin Chen humorously conceded, "Well at least we use the same lounge." He even joked that until the day all four guys use separate nanny cars, the media will again make an issue about it.

Having been Tourism Ambassadors for 3 years, and each year breaking 80 million, the Tourism Bureau said, "They are very close, and suitable for the job. Whether Wu Chun is still recording with Fahrenheit or not, does not affect their job as Tourism Ambassadors."


Translated by Nastyhobbit@AF