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Friday, August 19, 2011

Calvin Chen And Weng Tzymann To Host Next TV’s Entertainment Show.

“Apple Entertainment News” (蘋果娛樂新聞) will be premiering on the 29th; its grand cast of seven hosts went to set their wardrobe styles yesterday which included Calvin Chen, Smile Weng Tzymann, Jing Wong, Yuan Ai-Fei, JR, Cynthia Wang, and Vickie. Calvin Chen arrived early at 12:30pm, but spent two hours fixing his hair. His partner Tzymann waited patiently for him and as soon as he entered the studio, he joked, “I was afraid that my nipples would show, so I had to adjust my boobs.” Then he explained, “Guys care most about their hair.”
As a perfectionist, Calvin gave a lot of suggestions to his hairstylist, and also concentrated a lot on his eye makeup. He closely faced the mirror and carefully applied his double-eyelid tape. Just when he was about done, he decided to redo his hair. Even the female stars can’t stand his pickiness. Calvin defended himself, “It’s because today is the first day so I tried two different styles. I wanted to see which one looked better.”

Tzymann plans to try new roles in showbiz this year and she just signed on to co-host “Apple Entertainment” yesterday. She expressed, “Besides it is something new to try, they’re willing to accommodate me on my schedule, which was the biggest deciding factor.” For the show, Tzymann will be partnering up with Calvin and Jing Wong on different days. The moment she saw Calvin, she said, “It’s quite interesting, the first MV I filmed was Fahrenheit’s!” Calvin described Tzymann, “She was very youthful before, now there is a tint of maturity. Since we’ve worked together before, we already know how we’re like and each other’s personality.”

The seven hosts will all be doing the show in pairs. When asked if they would feel pressured about show ratings, they all answered, “Showbiz has always been ruthless. Anyhow, if we don’t see someone the next time, it just means that he or she was eliminated.”

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Written by: fufu @ CpopAccess.com
Source: Appledaily