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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aaron Yan Teased Chun : "When Did You Become A Father"? Fahrenheit's Reunion Was Worth More Than Sight Seeing.

Two months since Fahrenheit became one less, they appear together on stage for the first time in Tainan to promote Taiwan tourism, and even though Wu Chun is now officially flying solo, he still interacted with Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Arron Yan, and was still a focus of attention.
Previously it was reported that Wu Chun was "one against three", with his endorsement fees not losing to "three-wheeled" Fahrenheit. Yesterday he curtly said, "I won't talk about that. I don't want to compare who has more money." As for the frequently-rumored-to-be-not-getting-along Arron Yan and Jiro Wang, whose fans once waged war against each other online, Calvin Chen diplomatically said, "It was probably just fans trying to protect their idols." Wu Chun who was also rumored to be married with children, Arron Yan teased him, "When did you become a "producer" (father)?"

Yelling Fahrenheit with the others, Wu Chun doesn't feel strange

"Hello everyone, we are Fahrenheit!" Even though Wu Chun has already left the group, but yesterday during the press conference for Taiwan Tourism, Wu Chun said these words together with the other three. When asked if it felt weird, Wu Chun said, "Weird? We said these words for 5, 6 years already!" Arron Yan also added, "The four of us have been together for such a long time, we also need time to adjust (to the new situation). After all, we're not faking our friendship." As for the repeatedly mentioned phrase "quit the group" referring to Wu Chun, Calvin Chen said, "To say he quit the group is too harsh. We still can work together." At the end of September and early October, Fahrenheit will once again be four people to promote Taiwan tourism in Japan.

Da Dong urged by his mom to marry, Wu Chun refuses to speak about rumors

Jiro Wang likes worshipping festivals, so when he had to introduce scenic spots in Taiwan, he didn't forget to recommend the matchmaker's temple. Did he also promise to seek a bride this way? He said, "My mother also hopes I get married and have kids as soon as possible, urging me to get married." Arron Yan joked, "Luckily it's just urging to get married, not urging to have kids."

On the subject of having children, even though Wu Chun heard, he didn't understand Arron Yan's mention of "producer". But regarding his own rumors of having kids, he said, "I've already said it before. I don't want to talk about it again." However, referring to maybe someday his own children will be star chasers, Wu Chun said, "Idols can be good influences on children. If the child is responsible and will do his/her homework first, then OK!" Calvin Chen said, "Then can he/she be my fan?" Wu Chun said, "If it's you, then I will consider it."

Yesterday, Wu Chun said that he texted the other three, telling them about his idea to leave Fahrenheit, and they understood. The four guys all hope that others won't compare their endorsement fees, as they said that each of them earns his own money fairly.

Source: http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2011/new/aug/21/today-show1.htm
Translated by Nastyhobbit@AF