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Friday, June 10, 2011


courtesy of mingpao.com

courtesy of takungpao.com

The Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) starred action romance MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN) released its first Hong Kong poster. Although the film has wrapped for awhile, Wu Chun and Han Geng's brotherly love has not faded. This time they reunited for the poster and could not stop chatting after seeing each other.

In the poster Wu Chun and Han Geng had to wear their costumes and Beijing Opera costumes in the film and hold spears and sabers that Beijing Opera frequently used. Because before the shoot they spent three months to study Beijing Opera basics and martial art actor fighting, when they put on their Beijing Opera costumes and weapons, they seemed to immediately become martial art actors and were reminded the production.
They performed several Beijing Opera moves and looked very convincing. Suddenly they caught the acting bug and in the studio they traded blows. Due to the small studio that was filled with lights, the photographer was worried that they would destroy the lights and could only ask them to stop. They could only continue to work. The entire shoot took six hours to complete. Although they performed many jumps and wielded weapons, they saw how ideal the result was and thought it was worth all the hard work.


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Wu Chun so cute.

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Throw in Thailand wanted to come soon.

Bertha said...

Title:Peace be with you

Dear Chun,

My ever dearest Chun may peace be with you, I saw your pictures you look ravishing, I am just sad about the article before about what you said about your mom on praying and hoping, I don't know your mom but I have grown to love her like my own my respect for your mother is the reason I have come to love you so deeply. I have an aunt who is fighting cancer now and she looks peaceful in-spite of the pain, she has learned to embrace it. When my mother was on her deathbed and she was talking to me, I felt so powerless on the situation I wished I could give her half of my youth but she breathe her last breathe in my arms. My faith has kept me from breaking apart, and my faith will keep me whole, it is also the reason why no matter how sad I am about what you said I will NEVER hate you. I know deep inside you are kind and your imperfection is something you will grow out of, cause everyone does. I saw Chunzone and everyone adores you, I hope you have come to cherish the things really important in life, rejection is nothing but a chance to love yourself more, I tell myself that every time I fail. I wish you all the best...fighting Aja Aja!!!!

Bertha said...



Bless you my ever dearest Mr. Chun Kiat Goh!

Bertha said...

I forgot to say why my aunt was embracing her pain, well she was not responding to Chemo positively, so she's just improving her food intake and praying a lot. But her family can't take it anymore so she agreed to take pain management. It's exhausting to go through medical procedures. There are so many battles in life each of us go through, some wins some loses, but what's important is we become a better person win or lose. The lost of my mother made me appreciate other people cause my world was revolving around her and her expectations. When the truth is before I could love anyone I have to love myself including my imperfections. I'm still trying to get to know myself up till now, and I just simple loved this guy above the picture. And I pray for his safety everyday, for I believe the love his mother have for him is the only thing that can be brought to eternity SMILE CHUN you are always loved.