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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aaron Yan Tracked For 1 Hour.

Fahrenheit attacked from time to time by dissolving disease , members seem to have strong  immunity, has grown used to these spells, and will not meet with embarrassment, Aaron said: "Fahrenheit is like a sign, the brand, we will not abandon the brand. " But the all 4 of them are frankly busy with their solo projects, spending time more in overseas than in Taiwan, notice also went to Japan in September to promote Taiwan tourism.
Wu Zun have time this year with the album of Fahrenheit? He wanted to complete two projects and film movies, drama "sunshine angel ", and also promoting the movie "My Kingdom", turned his tired mind, bluntly: " This year have no time to make records. "

Aaron did a recent trip to Seoul, was approached by people two successive days, and "men and women-take-all", he said: "One girl followed me all the way to more than 1 hour, directly in  Korean, said:" I fancy you " and also left her Face Book ID to staff members. " He also met a foreigner boys who firmly said: "You look really too beautiful . "

Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin went to east gate to buy clothes, was recognized and surrounded by hundreds of fans , want to buy a rice cake in the street but no way to go . Wu Zun eat beef, strayed into a shop only selling pork barbecue, getting him very angry.

Source: Liberty Times + Apple Daily(Photo)
Translated By : yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


feilunhailover said...

haha! how can a beautiful boy like aaron is very handsome? even a foreigner boys said that? hahahaha! he really is!

Bertha said...

Success is not final (forever), Failure is never fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts-Winston Churchill

For me: Nothing is impossible with a fearless mind-BY BERTHA

So guys (Feilunhai) I wrote this for you...just guess for exactly who?

Title: Dear Stranger Dance with Me

Underneath the cherry blossom tree
I stood in front of you as stars crowns my head,
Your nearness fills my sanity, floating like a feathery snow in a lazy winter day,
As my cheeks gently touch your humble manly chin, I breathe and inhaled gently savouring every moment,
Forever those sweet mesmerizing eyes will linger in my fleeting memory,
Can you hear the beating of my heart like a drum that chants a tribal hymn,
Where warriors endlessly draw their swords and send their enemies to their death,
For the fear of uncertainty lurks beneath this angelic smile,
Yet for one moment I will hear no evil, as your arms embrace this bashful heart of mine,
Our fingers entwined and our souls journey a million mile,
I shall bear your fruit, and it may drain my vigorous dignity,
Yet it will be the mere root of my existence, the only thing I shall breathe for
Truly I am a wary woman, and I have broken the walls that chains my ominous heart for a faceless man,
For a single second of warmth as I sway in the midst of this wanderer,
Screaming in ecstasy, as the scent of his hair drowns me in pure bliss.
In his arms I shall play the game of chance,
And I shall master the dreadful bout of love,
Hear my plea, cease my woes,
Dear courtly stranger dance with me and I shall spend an indelible lifetime knowing you!

Written By: Bertha