Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen once said that he wished to get married before he turns 31. However, wedding bells have yet to tow for Calvin, who turned 31 this year.
It was revealed that the reason behind his unfulfilled dream is partly due to his 22-year-old girlfriend singer Joanne Tseng, who is too young to consider marriage plans.

After attending a friend's wedding last month, Calvin, who craved for a family of his own, posted on his blog, "I'm really touched as I watched him said his vows on stage. Hope you guys will live happily!"

The post received a lot of comments from netizens asking him, "When is it going to be your turn?" Some even encouraged him to work harder at finding his own happiness, and hoped he will find a partner soon.
At the media conference of the launch of his book Journey Backwards: Calvin Chen's Vancouver Foreign Study Diary on May 23, Calvin was again questioned about his marriage plans.

"I used to hope to get married by 30 years old. However, I have no interest in finding a girlfriend currently; I want [to date] someone who I can end up marrying," the singer quipped.
When asked if Joanne is of "marriageable type", Calvin immediately said that they are "good friends" and used Amber Ann as his getaway shield.

"Amber is always ready. Whenever I needed help, she'll always be there. But we're just close friends who get along well," Calvin said.

So are both Joanne and Amber just his good friends?

Calvin finally cracked under pressure and revealed, "Well, there are two types of friends -- one might have a more ambiguous relationship than the other."
He indirectly admitted his relationship with Joanne. However, as Joanne is currently busy working in China, Calvin sighed, "We haven't seen each other for two months now."

 Source: Xin.msn