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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011-02-08 More Than Aaron [Interview]

More Than Aaron

Aaron seems to be popped out from a comic book US Boys, with gloomy temperament. Aaron, it seems can never escape the set of the worth of your son-in-one favorite image. But Aaron stunned the world , said: "I'm not so all perfect everyone has imagined!"
Young Aaron's fortune during the United States, appears to leave more fortunate than others!

Looking back to a singer's dream to join showbiz round, but came into contact with theater work, Aaron has found himself in love with the performing arts, even through with the director, other actors were inspired by the spark , led to shocked to find the enumerous hidden potential in him. Although he reluctantly said: "The aftermath of the friends, former girlfriends, relatives, etc. passed away, I seem to have suddenly grown up a lot in blink of an eye!"

But Aaron also deeply appreciate, perhaps because the experience of all those sudden happenings, I've grown much faster! "I think life experience is the actor's homework, made by these roles to alleviate their emotions, as can be of the emotional heart ... ..." Even a temporary interruption of the school choice, but he was not regret, and with a smile get more than their lost even more! Aaron seriously, said: "Actually I was a not good at expressing the emotions, but may be too early into the social relationship, which over the years down, I began to slowly know how to get along with others, but also learned many things and the truth about life. " Aaron looked at the growth of the years talking, not difficult to find the 25-year-old man thought of the fine, and the courage to Dream determination. The future, in addition to continuing efforts to interpret the role of a good actor, he has not hiding the fact that at his heart still singing is his favorite! Going to KTV karaoke with friends every week have become his habits, he and friends with the interaction have sophisticated improved singing, and even sometimes he went alone to KTV, hoping to challenge a variety of different music types. Aaron look forward to it, said: "Although in recent years have payed attention to more towards drama, but then I will start trying to release a solo music, I hope you can wait and see the start!"

Source: NowNews

"I only recently discovered that some people seem to misunderstand me, I also had many unknowns in the past, and experienced a low point in many life processes, as excluded by classmates at school age, many do not face life well, etc., so I do not like you imagine in such a perfect! "even then he said:" We all want others to see your best side, but try to learn to accept life's not perfect, it is each of us should learn the subject. "perhaps because since his debut, Aaron was all labeled the perfect label , and now these seemingly sincere and earnest words, seems to have seen that he accumulated all these years pressure.
Although the youngest in Fahrenheit, but the idea was unexpectedly early, faced a lot of gossip, Aaron seems to show different from the actual age of calm. In this regard, he also humorously joked: "This is probably thanks to all the facings along the way of life experience."


Bertha said...

Aaron I as fan truly care for you and I will not give you what you always want to hear, I will say things for your own good, talents are given to bear good fruits and inspire people but there are things you cannot loose for the sake of fame and success, you cannot lose your inner peace and your own identity due to public pressure, an artist bears his soul to the people but not compromise it, creativity may change once in a while but it cannot consume you, don't grow up so fast enjoy your youth...touch as many hearts as you can and to be an adult is to truly learn how to be patient...I'll always be your number one fan smile for me always!!!!

Bertha said...

Ok Aaron now your alone go back to the old market age bracket...let's say Sandaras and Taeyong market...I'd love to see you and Sandara Collborate....and red is not your color try white but Masims' Mrvica image you know the Croatian pianist....the modern casanova....make soulful modern jazz pop....I guess hihihi gud luck!!!!

Bertha said...

Title:The unreachable star
You cannot hold a ray of sun
And keep it in the palm of your hand
So I learned to fly a kite
As if I am conquering the sky
There was nothing much in return
Just the joy of being burned
The change of colour on my skin
Deeper than what it truly means
My soul danced with the wind
My heart jumped in glee
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
My dream was to simply love you
My dream was to see you shine
My dream was to be true to you
My dream was to simply see you smile
So you can say “I was never lonely up there,
The world has been truly kind”
So I chose to be what I ought to be
Compassionate to all human kind