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Monday, April 11, 2011

Why No To " Absolute BoyFriend " From Wu Chun.

Many knows this till date that Wu Chun have already quitted the project " Absolute BoyFriend ", that was supposed to be filmed with Korean Actress Goo Hye Sun In " Boys Before Flowers " as " Gum Jan Di " ). And there seems to be search for new male lead for this Taiwanese remake.

This drama was supposed to be the most anticipated one from Wu Chun's fans, but the sudden dropping out of Chun has left them shocked and questioned.... ( shocked coz of the Fahrenheit disbanding rumours ) . Wu Chun's New Management Company.. Fu Long have stated several reasons for his dropping out till date:

1st reason:
This was the foremost that came up with the dissolution rumors that because of Wu Chun's tight schedule this year, he won't be able to work on this project. As Chun was busy with his action flick "My Kingdom".

2nd reason:
Not the very good one as it was all about the script. They say he didn't like the script of "Absolute Boyfriend". There have been many questions regarding this: Why he didn't like it? What he didn't like in it? What changes he want to the script? Why he agreed to the drama if he didn't like the script ? Even GTV said that if Chun wants to change the script, then they will. But, there have been no response from Chun.

3rd reason:
The drama is too comic and not Chun is not suited for that type . Only facial expressions , not much of dialogues.

4th reason:
Chun is too old ( only 32, is that too old  ) for this type of role.

 Note:  (As far as these reasons have surfaced. And many more can in Future. Just have to wait. But, for now, its time to stuck with " Sunshine Angel ". )Will gonna be release soon.

Source: Liberty Times+ UDN +YahooNews
Translated By: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

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J said...

darn, i was so looking forward to seeing this movie but knowing wu chun wont be in it, makes me sad :(

Bertha said...

Honey it's not a movie it's a darn drama that will probably cause you 5 buckets of pop corn....

Bertha said...

cost yah 5 buckets of pop corn and 10 packs of canned sodas darn typo ;-)

Bertha said...

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lingling96 said...

lol it's ok^^ Jiro wud be perfect for the absolute boyfriend role ^~^ he's 30 ! ! >~<
Wuchun isn't old ~ 32 O_O lol!!! XP but to be honest he is meant for those fighting , serious & more like rough punching movies & dramas >v< cuz I've seen 14 blades && HE LOOKS REALLY COOL!!!! HOT!!!!!! O.O ^v^ &&& REALLY COOL!!!! lol!!~ especially those fighting scenes in the movie O.o

So I also really hv to see sunshine angel && this "my kingdom" ^~^ lol!!