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Friday, April 15, 2011

Jiro Wang Looking Forward For Different Roles In Future.

April 14, Jiro Wang and Tong Liya starer movie "The House" is being shot in Suzhou. The reporters gave a visit to the set and asked Jiro about the first time filming and his experience with the crew members.  At that time a  farewell scene was being shot , Jiro as "Passionate Lovers ", looking affectionately at Tong Liya, Tong Liya also innocent girl leaning to his shoulders. 
 Jiro Wang said in the film will showcase his skills, will play some action scenes too. He also said "I hope that in  future will receive different roles to play, " I like Changes ". " Gay, horror films will do! ", he laughs.

     Coming Back to the Farewell scene :  However,  Jiro is frequently funny  , Funny in the way he kept constantly yelling  "I'm off, " a big step interpretation of the farewell scene. It is reported that this couple (Jiro and Tong Liya ) there will be passionately kissing, dancing and other intimate personal drama. Turning to cooperation with Tong Liya, Jiro said, "In the past seen a lot of her TV series classical beauty, and this time I played her boyfriend in the film, we have a lot of close games. "

  Why debut with a Horror Film ? 

 Jiro admitted that he usually afraid of horror movies, " Because often when fly overseas, have to live in hotel,saw a lot of horror films and they were really scary . " However, when being asked that in this film's shooting has not been frightened, he said with a smile, "Course not, our director is a former actor, very funny and interesting, shooting environment was relaxed, I have been made ​​to it, and many people think, we are notFilm comedy in it. "

Source: ent.sina + LiveJournal
Translated By : Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Jiro dear keep the hair and your an Adam Sandler Taiwan version in the making...anyway I know you rock with guitars have you seen this kid destroy this guitar...he's so gifted I want this kid CLONED so BADLY!!!! LOL Mission Impossible was made possible LOL!!!!Watch this!!!!


Fiona said...

Awwh!!! Jiro's always the romantic guy ^^ <3 so cuute!
Can't wait to watch it! >.< and to see Jiro on the screen again XD miss his (old) - xD cute teen boy look >~< ^~^ <3 <3