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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free classes for public at Fitness Zone From April 11 to 14.

Wu Chun with latest designs for Fitness Zone T-shirts.
Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei's very own super star Wu Chun is inviting all members of the public to both Fitness Zone branches in Kiulap and Serusop in conjunction with the launching of the New Track. Visitors may use their equipment and join any of the classes for free from April 11 to 14.

The new Les Mills' full-body workout will be conducted everyday on the above mentioned dates at 5.30pm. The programmes include the Body Balance and Body Jam, which was conducted yesterday; Body Vive and Body Combat today; Body Attach and RPM tomorrow and Body Step and Body Pump on April 14.

Eight Les Mills' ‘Powerful' Limited Edition T-shirts symbolising all the eight Les Mills' programmes designed by Wu Chun himself are also currently on offer at all Fitness Zone branches.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin
-- Written By: Hamidah Ismail 
--Photo By: Bahyiah Bakir


Anonymous said...

waaahhh! Wuchun is really serious about his fitness zone - really wants to be fit >_< lol!!!~ like the new designed t-shirts ^^ Jiayo├║ wuchun!!!!!!!!!!! ^~^

Bertha said...

Title: The Letter in a bottle
I blew a kiss on the gentle breeze
Hoping it will brush your soft cold cheeks
I haven’t seen you in a while
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A grandeur way to escape
In my hand I clutch a bottle inside I wrote a letter
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Maybe it will make you feel better
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Bertha said...

I just can't help but wonder what really inspires you as a person, well Aaron so far is growing on me and I know he simply enjoys singing...but you why push yourself?I wrote this...

Title:The True Meaning of Success
I sat in a crowded room full of old people who have done their part contributing to the economy, and as I sat there I was listening to the chit chat of these “worldly successful” old folks. But one particular conversation really caught my ear, there’s this old man who seem to be very dignified although in his late 70’s you can still sense the existence of power and authority on the way he sit and the way he twitch his lips and stare at you even if he was just wearing a plain white shirt. I don’t know if it’s just me and my extra ordinary skills for details but the next occurrences did validate my observation.
He shared something about fatherhood, he said at his age he thought he knew everything and he speak so highly of himself because he ran a big company and even at his current age he tries to slow down and he’s still running a local high end restaurant chain which he owns by the way (yes I love OLD PEOPLE I LEARN SO MUCH FROM THEM). It seems this old man was seeking love and affection among strangers (it was a community gathering for Catholics), he said how easy and challenging for him to conquer the corporate world but as he sits alone at home he longed for the affection of his son. He never knew how it was to be a good father because his father never taught him as well; he wasn’t there long enough with his son to be a good father to him. Believe me if I was born during his younger days I would have told him to value the things that time has control with (I lost my mother).
Well I’m not one of them (I’m not wealthy) and I still have forty years ahead of me or more to say that I have done my part. But what I have learned so far, I don’t need to tell myself anymore how my mother will love me if I succeed in this and that, because I knew she loved me no matter what (even if I fail sometimes). But I can’t go on living disappointed with myself, I needed to know what’s important to me and maybe from there I can succeed. There’s no need to conquer the world only myself so I will simply give everything I aim for my best shot. So tell me what is success to you?