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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aaron Yan New Album : "The Next AaronYan"

Album cover Image that has been leaked

Aaron Yan all set to release his personal mini-album "The Next Aaron" ( 下一個炎亞綸 ), that will begin preorder on March 11, and will release on March 25. Yesterday, HIM just found out that the preorder album cover image has been leaked on the internet and has been circulating in fans circle. This made the company alarmed about the security and disclosure of the commercial secrets.

Aaron Yan : A new starting

Following the path of S.H.E member Hebe (Real Name : Tian Fu Zhen) who successfully launched her album "To Hebe", Aaron Yan is geared up to launch his very first album. The album's title been decided as "The Next Aaron", for which Aaron Yan says that, "This album depicts the real me. My two sides, one the sweet and other the mischievous one. All songs in this are very dear to me. I've tried my best to do justice with the songs."As all fans know Aaron likes singing very much, so he continued his dream to release his own album. On this he says, "The success of Hebe's album gave me more strength and confidence".

The next Aaron : This album gonna contain 5 songs and one piano Instrumental. For the piano instrumental Aaron has practiced alot the combination of Black and White keys.

Receipt of preorder recovered by police
 Album's Image Disclosed:

Yesterday, the regular fans asked about the progress of Aaron's EP on HIM's official website, and the most startling news came that the album's preorder image has been hacked and now is circulating on weibo. Then HIM further studied the matter to came to know that, preorder's image and design has been hacked from the printing computer. HIM then asked fans to stop circulating the image on Internet.

HIM has decided now to change the preorder's image and bring the album to fans with a new great surprise.

Note:  There's been on some sites that the album may launch on April 1st as the preorder shoot and everything has to be done again as the previous one got hacked.

Source: Yule.sohu.com
TranslatedBy: Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha said...

Aaron if you do come across this I would love to clarify things...
1st: I've seen the black swan and it's a sick movie, 2nd: Mischievous is a very dangerous word hope it does not mislead your young audience, 3rd: I would like do discuss arts and concepts which in general we sell to the public where young and innocent mind like yours should not be victimized by messed up Hollywood adults....Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) character ends up killing herself in the pursuit of fame and achievements, if you have read "Heath Ledger's method acting" this is a true to life Hollywood story where this actor killed himself and went crazy because of a role he was portraying....we all have our dark side and we all have our tendencies to fall into depression but NOT SPLIT PERSONALITIES!!!! I would always prefer Erin Brokovich, Julia Roberts win over this sick movie....THE US IS DEPRESSED AND IT WILL SHOW IN SOME OF IT'S products, let's not follow that....

Bertha said...

Aaron Winning is NOT EVERYTHING!!!!But being humble and pure of heart brings a winner out of you!!!!
When I was in college I fought for the womens regionals in Taekwondo and we're not supposed to be friendly to opponents it's hard to be buddies and kick them in the face later yah know, anyway I have earned my blackbelt for five years, then there's girl who approached me while warming up, she was wearing brown belt, one belt lower than me and she was saying she needs to win the gold for scholarship she was graduating, I said ok then she walked away, only to learn we were the same weight category, yup I let her walk away with the GOLD and I settled for Silver, hey I'm a blackbelt there's no way I could lose that fight even with a busted knee (ASL) but yeah I gave her a future so yup I was the biggest winner there!!!!Fine so I can live with myself I already won other fights anyway great huh!!!!

Yaluncute said...

If you wanna to hear Aaron's voice in his new EP.. Here's the link : http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/GMzKebeo4g0/ .. Its awesome ..

lingling96 said...

YAY CAN'T WAIT TO LISTEN TO AARON'S "the next me" album!!!!! Wish that Jiro & Calvin made their own mini album^^ <3
The excitement is killing me ><' lol!!~ thanks for posting up this blog about Aaron's EP album ^^ <3

Bertha said...

Ok saw the MV when is the next post for Aaron, here's my concern well since it's a mini album I hope the nudity ends here...the theme confusion it has to be consistent right like the character of the artist cannot be a mesh of stuff....Taylor Swift Character fits her music...she's the tough sweetie country gal who has hidden strength and faithful values....and Bruno Mars eventually is the hopeless romantic have no sense of control guy proven guilty of drug use in reality, now Aaron chose to be mentally imbalance and nude....I hope this is just a phase a stepping stone but eventually will go away....Eventually the tag of war will end and the winning your true good self emerges....the sweet mother loving multi talented musically inclined, hopeless romantic but confident guy will not get stabbed by the broken mirror by the derange Aaron, he cannot win and it cannot be the voice that shapes the young minds of your consumer.... remember perception becomes a reality....you may not know the power of music to influence actions....that package was fine Kpop like (except the nudity and the swan mask)...I'd love to see you packaged the same but on a piano (My Personal Angel kinda ballad song) singing love songs inspiring mending hearts to break free from pain...and let go (use your brokeness to heal not to add injury)!!!!This is the true dual personality...I have one too...the sweet mommy wannabe with the apron and spatulla disney cartoon loving kinda gal side and the toughie blackbelt sporty corporate masculine side....get me still healthy both of them!!!! Go Aaron Aja aja Fighting!!!! I believe in your talent!!!!