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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wu Chun launches Fitness Zone in Serusop, Brunei.


Wu Chun, Brunei Investment in home gym Fitness Zone, in Shanghai last year co-operation with the large gym hall opened Wu Zun, yesterday re-opened three in Brunei, fitness room, new store is located in prime locations in the local residential Serusop. It is understood that in one breath two years ago, Chun spent two million dollars, bought three properties, and three units of the second and third floors open up into a huge unit, decorated with the purchase of new equipment, spent nearly two hundred and fifty million U.S. dollars. Just three years, opened three fitness room, Wu Zun said with a smile holding their two-three years, hoping to enormous profits in the year of Rabbit!
Yesterday was a big day for the opening , in  morning at seven o'clock with a four-kilometer marathon, attracted many people to participate in Brunei. At the opening ceremony, the Secretary of Health of Brunei, Tourism Bureau, and Wu Chun father, uncle, Dan WU Jing Jin, etc. were also present. A carnival and dance was also organised.
To avoid the attraction of his fans the main protagonist Wu Zun arrived in his black Lamborghini, and walked in from the back door. This opening activities attracted fans from Korea, Japan, the star Matai Fei, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong, hundreds of fans to fly to Brunei to congratulate idols, all of the local hotels were full, no wonder that Wu Chun will be called the "treasure of Brunei", held activities to revitalize the local tourism industry, many people like my father set up specifically Wu Chun Hotel Palm Garden,for his fans to stay, father said to invest 2 million dollars, so we feel the atmosphere of Brunei New Year!
Fans of the presence of competing values and Wu Zun three million Lamborghini sports car photo. Wu Zun said Lamborghini is to give his birthday last year, to encourage their work. In addition, there is also a red Ferrari and the blue "scan bar guys", three cars were in Brunei for travel!
In fact prior to the opening in the fitness room, it already had applications for 1000 members. Wu Zun admitted ︰ "earn very little fitness room, are used to make the investment in employees and new store, I get a lot of staff to the field study, and often purchase new fitness equipment, though not much money, but or to open branches! "As for how much the total investment? Wu Zun respect ︰ "has not yet been invested in real dollars how much? Investment is unlimited, as long as the best is, I just want to promote the fitness industry, to do inline Leader (leader), people should want to be Brunei Fitness to think of my Fitness Zone, Brunei did not do before the marathon, I hope more people called to play with, give us the message of positive and healthy! "The fitness room Chun donated eight thousand yuan Brunei Dollar Pusat ehsan and Smarter to two charities Brunei to help mentally handicapped and the disabled!
Today is Valentine's Day, Wu Zun stay in the fitness room will respect the work all through, joked that Gym is his lover!
Wu Chun's Fitness Zone

Its High up.. Tiger dance

Childrens too participated in Marathon.

Chun's Gym Instructors.

Having Dance Fun

Fans overcrowded.

Chun with special guests.

Giving Thanking Speech

Donating to Pusat Ehsan


Great opportunity to have a pic with Chun's Lamborghini.

Source: SingTao Daily.