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Friday, February 11, 2011

#TALB: Wu Chun is scared of Chickens.

Chickens... Chickens... . Wu Chun is scared of chickens !! ??

It is so astonishing to believe that Wu Chun, a Big Boy will be afraid of the little chickens, but what can be done, these little secrets are quite amusing. The most amusing is that while Chun was filming with charlene for their movie "ButterFly Lovers"<武俠梁祝>  in a little village , they encountered there chickens, and guess what Chun was dearly afraid on seeing them . After much persuasion from the media, Wu Chun suddenly became “girlish”,
 twisting his body and was reluctant to take a picture with the cow. The foreign localist who was present on the set also laughed and told him in English, “Go closer. They are just chickens.” , Charlene Choi was madly laughing at him while saying "I thought you are like Superman" , haha !

Well, its not that Chun became afraid of Chickens in an instant, when Wu Chun was 10 years old he is bitten by a chicken... "OUCH". That left a dark shadow in Chun's life that persists till now. Back then, he went to a nearby village to hang out with some friends, and an old man told Chun that chickens are nice to play with. He lifted Wu Chun beside the chickens. Before Chun could experience the noble fun the chicken already bitten him that made him scared into most, and it had really hurt him. From then on whenever Chun sees Chicken he will immediately run to the other direction.



lingling96 said...

lol I wonder does wu chun eat chicken?? XD I'm a chicken lover xD but I do know how he feels [: I'm scared of parrots & bugs XD

megurine.luka64 said...

what coincidence! i'm also scared of chickens! and also the same reason! haha

Jovelyn Logronio Chun said...

it's really NICE and FUNNY to know :))) I love to eat some chicken dishes but I'm also scared whenever I see them :DD