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Monday, February 14, 2011

Jiro Wang buys 15 million house for his mother.

"Da Dong" Jiro Wang last year, holding 15 million, to buy new home in Chungli, taking advantage of the spring, into the new house , only the mother and son,Detached Villa for 2 , suddenly the idea of his marriage came up, straight to marriage, even the Lightning can get married!
Million debt to pay off
Fahrenheit debut 6 years, advocacy advertising, theater performances, concerts, and overseas without rest, which attract at least 600 million estimate. 

But Jiro left to repay the mortgage after the death of his father, the mother will be down until finally in 2008 to pay off millions of debt, pay it Itabashi house loans, home plans have been produced Big East last year, because my mother friends, seeing in Central University in Chungli, 4th Floor, Tou Tiancuo near a total area of 100 pings, though not in Taipei, but my mother like it, he did not even seen the house, just held out the 15 million to buy the house. 

Big East refused to unmarried childrens
New house has a front yard, my mother can plant all kinds of flowers, Big East to help water the flowers, sprinkler, couplets, only the mother and their home, the population is too thin, Big East, said her mother would like grandchildren , asking him all day long : "how about a girlfriend?!" and even funny, said: " Mr. else children can." 

But Big East being traditional , absolutely impossible to have unmarried children, planned last year to marry after age of 30, though would like to fall in Love. Desperate to find a Loved one, has not been able to find one till now, will only continue to be focussed on work.

Last year he presided over China as the first battle Arts "Arts Grand National", only after New Year because of the CTS program adjusted to shut the shop, this year's East will return to the theater, will also step into the big screen in the future, but for "wife" still have to wait. 

Source: LibertityTimes


Bertha said...

Hello Jiro,hmmm I wish and pray that you find a virtuous and decreet wife, you are a writer and you know for a fact that a house is just a house, and a home is where the heart is....money will always come to those who works hard and I know you do, so be at peace and enjoy your mothers love....I lost mine years ago but her memory lives in me and her gift of love and kindness....bless you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ni hao Da Dong,

Just wanted to say I respect you and I'm happy for your successes in life.

You truly are a special person and I hope you find your soulmate soon.
Peace brother,


Bertha said...

I just wanted to share a poem I made so somehow people can learn the true meaning of what a HOME is....Life is all about simplicity!!!!

These walls that you built did not keep me warm from the coldness of your heart,
The roof above my head that hangs a grand chandelier did not protect me from the rain of tears that I shed,
A table filled of empty chairs, golden plates, crystal glasses and silverware but no laughter in the air,
I stared at the painting as you held my hand for all the world to see like a fairy tale fantasy, only to wake in the middle of the night realizing you’re not beside me.
Everyday I would hear your distant voice telling me it was all for me the things you slave for, You wanted to gain the world for me, but I just wanted YOU cause you were my world.
Tell me where is this place that we built in our dreams, as I sit alone in the dark every waking minutes?
Didn’t we use to dance in the clouds where stars shone and angels majestically sang?
Yes things were so simple then, there was only you and me, two people deeply dedicated to each other through hope, through faith, and through love.
I did not need a house all I wanted was a home, where I can be my not so perfect self with no trace of alienation,
All we needed was a promise to make it work no matter what even if sometimes we both fell short of expectations,
I had hope to walk with you hand in hand in one direction,
Because in your heart is where my heart rest, and your absence left me heartless....your gift was nothing but an abode of emptiness, a mountain full of rejection.

Bertha said...

edited last part:Because in your heart is where my heart rest, and your absence left me heartless....your golden gift darling was nothing but a mountain full of rejection, an abode of emptiness.

Christine Cabubas said...

Hi bro !
Your mom really lucky have you as her son...and your mom did well too ..praying for her health and yours too....hope you'll find that someone belongs to you and deserved you...people sometimes need to be down by others to become stronger person but always remember not to let yourself be drown for them...