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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#TALB: Jiro's Love Life.

Jiro's Love Life has not been plain as it looks like. Even,I can't say if these any of news reported about him is true or not. But, still I want to share it with you all feifans. 
Story no: 1

Jiro has also mentioned that he had an ex which broke his heart. He loved the girl very much but was always puzzled by the fact that the girl’s ex-boyfriend was always near her. When he questioned the said girl, she claimed that her ex was only a good friend of hers. Despite feeling uneasy about it, he dismissed his suspicions. Then, on Valentine’s Day, Jiro had bought the girl a nice bouquet of flowers and had waited outside the girl’s house. After waiting for hours, the girl did not turn up. It was also raining and finally, after many hours, a nice car pulled up in front of the girl’s house. The said girl came out of the car and Jiro heard a voice in the car wishing the girl goodbye. The voice was a man’s voice. Then, when the car left, Jiro shouted the girl’s name but the girl did not turn back. Jiro continued to call the girl and waited for her. Yet, after some time, he
finally got a message from the girl saying “Dui Bu Qi” which means sorry.

Story no: 2

And here’s another heart-breaking story about Jiro’s love life. This incident occured when Jiro was still in high school. Jiro had a senior and he was really good friends with her and they hung out a lot and all. He never did realise he liked her. One day, Jiro’s guy friend told Jiro that he liked this senior and wanted to go after her. Jiro, being the good friend that he is, told his guy friend to GO FOR IT and chase the girl. Later on, Jiro suddenly realised that he liked this senior when for some reason, she held onto his hand. But he never did confess to her and when he finally wanted to, she had left for Boston! After that, Jiro asked his guy friend what happened when his guy friend chased the girl. His guy friend told Jiro that he got rejected because the girl said that she was waiting for someone else to confess to her. Many years later, I think, around 2005, Jiro met this senior at a party and gave her a ride home. On the way, she told him that she used to like him and was always waiting for him to confess but he never did. But then, Jiro still didn’t reveal that he used to like her too! Well, she left for Boston again and Jiro says that if she ever returns to Taipei, he will look her up.
Story no: 3 

Recently, in 2010, Jiro was spotted with a girl going to pub and hanging out with her. Jiro denied any sort of relationships with her and said that she was just a fan who met him in pub. But they did hang around a lot that night.  


Anonymous said...

heha sounds like a drama. i don`t think it`s 100% real. just my thought

Yaluncute said...

Yeah ... ('.')" does sounds like drama .. Even I can't say that these r true .. Just d 3rd one .. coz .. its recent n hav heard n saw pics of that .. . But..guess that was just random girl wanna tak a pic wid Jiro .. hmph..

Bertha said...

Sharing: I wrote a poem on love
for everyone...
The face I used to love seems strange to me
His heart still I cannot see,
I asked why my heart stopped beating,
Did I just fall in love with the wind? hopeless with no meaning,
I grasped, I clasped but it was out of reach, I could not breathe
I choked on the air that I inhaled, on the gentle breeze,
A lost sheep from its flock, I stood in the middle of nowhere,
Where is he, that familiar eyes, it must be here somewhere?
Was it love that I felt? It could have been for I was broken,
My heart was tied up in bundles and suddenly broke open,
How could someone I do not know, someone I have not set eyes upon,
Own my heart, only to tear it apart?
Leaving me lost not knowing where to start....
Now I have learned my lesson maybe next time if I fall again?
I will hope and choose to fall in love with my best friend....

Yup friendship is the foundation of true love Cheers!!!!