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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wu Chun expands fitness career in Shanghai.

Not only he opened his own gym in hometown Brunei, Wu Zun now expands his fitness business in Mainland China.

Opened three gym on his own already, Wu Zun opened another associated gym "Wu Zun Gym" in Shanghai. He does not need to invest with his own money, only needs to provide his image and cooperate with investors. The gym has basketball court, swimming pool,
 and hot yoga room, etc.

The Fahrenheit member feels cool to have a gym that names after him. It is also cool for him to see his photos and name in the gym, making him very proud.

"I don't dare to put my photos in my gym in Brunei," he says.

Having a muscular body every guy wants, Wu Zun is actually a professional. He earned a certificate of spinning workout in America and can teach courses. But lately his image of muscle man is challenged by fellow Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang, who spends three days at the gym every week.

"He's good, but I absolutely won't let loose of myself."
Source: AppleDaily
Translation: by Kay@Kaysentertainment


Wendy said...

That is a great thing for our Chinese men, to workout, be healthy & looking better. Thank you Wu Chun & all gym centers. Soon, we don't have to watch Kdrama so much because C-drama just as competitive.