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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big East fans driven back to hotel for signing's.

According to Oriental Daily News, Jiro (Big East) held a book signing in Guangzhou and was forced to leave the scene early dissapointing nearly 3,000 fans. To appease fans, specially arranged buses for 200 fans back to hotel for signings.

It is reported. Big East recently held a book signing in Guangzhou, scheduled to begin at 2 pm and supposed to be 4-hours long. But he was asked to changed it to 4PM. Guangzhou's Public Security turned off the lights already and forced him
to leave, just after one and half hour or so. It turned out in chaos, Fans were crying and disturbed with this instant.

Big East's management company requested to continue the book signing, but the Public Security replied back: "You're responsible if anyone died." In the end, the Fahrenheit member arranged 4 buses to bring 200 fans to the hotel to continue book signing. The event finally ended at 11:30pm.

Big East Weibo'd to apologize : "As because of too many fans today at the event, we had to stopped in middle. Sorry that everyone was worried." He expressed he would return to Guangzhou again for fans to compensate this.

Source : singtao