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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jiro said :" Can make sacrifices like going bald, if the role demands"

Yesterday afternoon. Jiro held live book-signing events for his book "Van Gogh and I: Portrait of Jiro's characters"  at Wanda Plaza in Guangzhou. This is his fifth book-signing held in the Mainland. Jiro looked handsome wearing a black cloak, and he said his new book records the process all the way to pursue his dreams, as far as he's been  singer, anchor, artist,  his new dream is to go Mainland  like Wu Zun  for his film " Kung Fu star."

Jiro said, this book is the best gift for my mother, there are lot of warm memories with mother in this book, like the Dutch tulip. "In the past, 
when father went for tulips for her, my mother always felt that the tulips and windmills for the characteristics of the Netherlands is a fantastic and romantic place." Jiro said, also included his photo focused on self-portraits of the 13 pictures.

Jiro Wang started to learn painting from kindergarten, had also held personal exhibitions in Taiwan, so he called himself  "the painter."

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, together with Mainland fans made this a happy moment, Jiro said " The most romantic Christmas is in the student period, I always remember Christmas Eve with his girlfriend have a warm phase clinging, the feeling of watching a huge Christmas tree. Busy with work didn't get time to fall in love, and sometimes see a lot of friends getting married, I can only rejoice 'Fortunately, I have to work everyday and with fans support I'm very happy '. "

In 2011, Jiro said he is going to be busy with filming in Mainland.He said Mainland has a lot of good actors and directors that he wants to work with, such as Zhang Ziyi,  and movie "Tangshan Earthquake" director Feng Xiaogang . However, his most anticipated film is "kung fu star", " I have always been fit, and my muscles look good. I can accept any look for the movie's role , like Huang Xiao Ming, Nicholas Tse as disfigured, or even going bald. Even if in dramas, I can make sacrifices for what the role demands.

Source: Xinmin.