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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fahrenheit chased by fans in Singapore.

1 year and 8 months have been when Fahrenheit last visited Singapore. Their fans were more enthusiastic and chased them all the way to their hotel.
Fahrenheit day before yesterday went to Singapore to promote album "too hot" from their last trip to the Lion City has been a year and 8 months. Fans and other reporters were waiting for them. It is understood that there are overseas fans accompanied with Jiro Wang, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen from Taiwan to fly with them to Singapore (Wu Zun came from Shanghai ), is really all the way " love of their fans."
Although Fahrenheit secretly went by Jet Quay business exit VIP terminal, but the magic and charm of Fahrenheit made their fans to be prepared early, waiting outside in the Jet Quay, escorted all the way to the hotel. Along the way, fans car followed Fahrenheit's, shouting the names of their idols to arouse attention.
Staying in same hotel..
According to hotel staff , there are Fahrenheit fans staying in same hotel as them, or even live in the same floor, hoping to get close contact with their loved idols. They are constantly in the corridor from time to time, also tried their luck in the gym, but they all rushed to empty as Fahrenheit didn't appear. Fortunately, all the fans didn't interfered with Fahrenheit's resting , but still are crazy to see their idols. Other fans outside the hotel is Kushou, hiding the stairwell, "for perfect ambush", and pay attention to Fahrenheit every movement.

4 children to go solo?

Long time not seen Fahrenheit, not only handsome but also become more lively, humorous, understanding grows better and better.
Wu Zun significantly loss weight, and Jiro is getting handsome, has dyed his blond hair, Calvin is still a "spokesman", Aaron is not changed much. But compared to the previous rigid and "bureaucratic", and yesterday they appear to be more comfortable, and still laugh at each other, laughing sparks were flying.
For example, a reporter asked if they would follow the line of duty Hebe the album?

Aaron replied: "Stay tuned!"

Reporter asked: "Do you mean that you will answer the first one?"

Aaron hastened to deny that, but Wu Zun then "provocatly" said: "I have recorded 8 songs out!"

Aaron then choked back: "My MV had a good shot!"

Big East to be outdone, said: "I took eight of the films!"

Calvin The most exaggerated: "I (album) starting tomorrow, a pre-order!" prompting the media to laugh.

Fans getting in car to chase their idols.