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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wu Zun : Second generation rich guy.

                              Wu Chun: The media exposure he doesn't have any girlfriend!  
Came from rich family background in Brunei, the father is WU Jing Tian, Brunei's real estate tycoon! Wu Chun is now ubiquitous, son of rich and respectable family in Brunei, and the Sultan of Brunei is family friend, thus the worth is greatly increased.

Wu Chun's family business started in real estate, his father Tim WU Jing real estate company operating in Brunei, its operating across the two countries of China and Brunei, is the local real estate tycoon. The uncle WU Jing WU Fu opened car company, is one of the best car dealership in Brunei accounts for every year one-third of the country's total car sales.

The uncle of Wu Chun, founder of Gammon Construction, but also one of the directors of "Brunei Times" .
 In Brunei he is allegedly covering over thousand square meters of luxury, extravagance and decoration, in layman term one of the top ten richest, is closed to the Brunei royal family, given status of  "Dan". "Dan is a  higher status than Datuk" &  also are members of Congress. Any royal event large or small, Wu Chun's family is invited to participate.

Overall, Wu Chun besides his own stardom & business owns part in such a great wealth. Being the second generation rich & respectable guy.

Credits: news.0898.net