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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aaron Yan & Serena Fang's Bed Scene makes director blush.

 "Gloomy Salad Days" ("Death Girl") ended filming lately. Ending nearly half a year of filming almost more than 6 months, female lead Serena Fang expressed she feels empty; but male lead Aaron Yan optimistically said ending is for another start off. He hopes to have different sparks next time collaborating again, with new different roles to play on.

In the dinner party, director Chou Mei Ling exposed Aaron and Serena's "bed scene" made her blush. If she did not have to mind about TV restriction, the scene is absolutely over PG-13. She expressed these young actors intend to look for breakthroughs, but there are not many suitable projects for them and they end up being just plain idols.

Aaron is the one who is said the most idolized. But director Chou praised his acting is getting better and better. As for Serena, who gets rashes every time she puts on her death girl outfit, director Chou believed she is able to bear everything.

At the Finishing Dinner of Death Girl, while everyone was enjoying the party. Aaron was sided on playing Piano & when the journalist approached him he said, "I was just trying to set some good tones, want to give fans something special on the Birthday Concert ".

Credits: UDN News