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Monday, November 8, 2010

Wu Zun marriage at 35, don't wanna make father to wait too long.

Wu Zun at the Inaugration.

November 6, internationally renowned idol Wu Zun , at Shanghai opened the first fitness zone Chun Hall Museum, which is Wu Chun in person as Chief Brand Officer of the gym. Ready to shoot new film in Shanghai, Wu Zun, specifically came from the "Da Wu Sheng" (大武生) Studios, because not yet officially started shooting, Wu Zun expressed wishes for just got engaged Big S. Wu Zun admits that he never liked to interfere with other's private things.

Wu Zun promote green fitness shop
As Fahrenheit Quite busy in promoting their album "Too Hot", the popular idol, Wu Zun enthusiastic fans wherever he went come out to help, Wu Chun Hall in the opening event, join a trillion Wade along with Wu Chun and carbon cycling fan, open a new green fitness concept. In his hometown Brunei, Chun already have their own gym, but in mainland China to his name this gym is the first, and if possible he wants more places in the Mainland can be the gym, so that more more people to join the ranks of green to fitness. Wu Chun has a very high passion for fitness, fitness, in his view not only can have the perfect body, he can get plenty of energy for the busy scedule, "I hope that through their own fitness results and let more people know how active fitness After the food, to let more people share the passion of sport and fun. "

Want to get married 35 years not to make family wait too long
As Wu Zun is starring in new movie "Da Wu Sheng" alongside Big S, he was tight-lipped on her engagement question, fear to say anything wrong that can cause misunderstanding. Because there is no formal relationship between Wu Zun & Big S, they met first time on the film set, "she ah well, looking forward to for the first time with the Big S's cooperation". As the big S just got engaged, the studio environment not the same as it ? Wu Zun admitted it was not mentioned, but he has blessed her to find happiness. Wu Chun reported that before the age of 35 want to get married, to which Wu Zun did not mind, "For ah, I hope in 35 years to do it, but some things do not you want to be done right away, I just do not want to worry his family, the father so long. "

Source: ent.qq.com