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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Calvin celebrates 30th birthday party with 220 fans in Hong Kong.

Calvin fans, almost all Girls.

7 november 2010.. ..Calvin celebrated his 30th birthday in Hong Kong with fans, holding a birthday party in Hong Kong, with 220 fans : from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, this is his first time in Hong Kong and the fans celebrate his birthday, fans prepared a birthday cake, but also prepared to embrace pillow dolls, doll bear, red eggs and flowers, etc., the gifts were put on a long table which got overflowed with gifts, by seeing that Calvin was overjoyed. And Calvin has also prepared a handwritten signature towels, Tee, and thank you card rebate for his fans.

Calvin wearing Da Dong's gifted Gucci Scarf.. Blowing candles.
Da dong called:
At Birthday party, Big east called & congratulated Calvin on the phonefor his 30 birthday stand & the fans sang the Birthday Song. Big East also sent staff to bring Gucci scarf to Hong Kong for Calvin a birthday gift. Calvin smiled with satisfaction after receipt of scarves,as he was always photographed while sleeping on the aircraft "It can be used as cover, now I can sleep fair & square at the air craft!", he laughed.
Birthday wish: "35 standing"
Asked about the birthday wish this year, Calvin said, "I feel great about birthday this year,going to be 30, I thought about the past years, about getting married at 30 & now i want it before 35. (Family members are pushing?) its been 5 years since debut, doing well  (with the object it?) is not ah. (asking for too much?) In fact, I only looking for the same outlook on life and values, you can communicate with the girls, the most important is filial form of nationality is not important, once I have had a Korean girlfriend, dating, even though you only communicate in English, but we get along very well. " after the Birthday Party , Calvin then returned to Taiwan.

So many gifts for Birthday Boy.... ^_^

Source: UDN