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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunshine Boy Calvin ...♥ 30 years ♥ TrackBack

Chen Yi Ru has a sweet killer smile that can cheer up everyone.

Scorpio: blood type A:

Calvin Chen( 辰亦儒 : Chén Yìrú  ) born on November 10 1980, in Taiwan is Taiwanese singer and actor, member of the popular band Fahrenheit. He completed his high schooling from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School. Then he went to canada to pursue college education at Simon Fraser University. He completed Master's degree for economics from University of Victoria. At the same time he joined a paegent "SunShine Boyz" where he won the first prize, role in a drama & contract with a music company. In 2005, he joined Fahrenheit.

He starred in many drama's as guest & lead supportive roles:

 2005:  惡作劇之吻 ( It started with a Kiss )
 2005:   終極一班 ( KO One )
 2007:   終極一家  ( The X-Family )
 2007:   公主小妹  ( Romantic Princess )
 2009:   終極三國  ( KO3.an Guo )
 2009:   桃花小妹 ( Momo Love )
 2010:   愛似百匯 ( Love Buffet )
 2010:   阳光天使 ( Sunshine Angel )

----> He is now hosting a show 日韩音乐风 (Japan, Korea, Music Craze).

Trivia's of his life:

  • Calvin starred in Romantic Princess alongside Wu Chun, that rose both's popularity in Philippines.

  • Calvin is the tallest of all in Fahrenheit : 1.86 meters.

  • Calvin's smile has got title of  " killer " smile.

  • Calvin underwent strong criticisms when Fahrenheit first entered the Entertainment circle, because of his appearence.

  • Calvin went to army for 12 days, cannot serve the army full time because of his health.

  •  Calvin is the only member in Fahrenheit who hasn't been injured yet.

  • Calvin has also learned how to beatbox for the Fahrenheit Fantasy World Tour Concert.

  • Calvin has been chosen to be the male lead for the drama "Love Buffet" alongside fellow band mate Aaron Yan.

  • He was diagnosed with Ménière's disease. This disease was the same as 007's illness in Mystery Incredible Terminator (霹雳MIT) which was acted by fellow band mate, Aaron Yan, who also has Ménière's disease.

  • Rumoured many times to have a girlfriend.

  • He did admitted in Hong Kong celebrating his 30th birthday on November 7 to had a south korean girlfriend once, but not now.

  • ** Calvin got a very bad health since his childhood, he is much better now. He usually gets easily sick with the change of weather. He is funniest of all in Fahrenheit, always grabs the opportunity to crack a joke.

    Note: Not any news part...