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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aaron launches MIT DVD in Japan.

Yesterday 13th november 2010, .. Taiwan's Idol group Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan released the DVD of  his drama " Pi Li MIT " Japanese Version. He was very pleased as it will be Taiwan's first drama broadcast in 08 years in Japan.

On the same day, the latest release of Fahrenheit "Super Hot" was also unveiled by Aaron. He gave a solo performance at the event without any of Fahrenheit member for first time. After the event he said, " I was a little nervous, but since in future, I'm going to stand alone on stage, so it was a good warm-up," smiled with a feeling of satisfaction.

On 20th Oct. received a surprise blessing as cake and birthday song from about 500 fans in Taiwan. Was very pleased with the support  "This year,while enjoying the work, schedule was enhanced a bit with learning the guitar and singing. Next year to try many things, not just attached to the appeal of idol only, want to learn many things.

Source: YahooNews