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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wu Zun received gift from Goo Hye Sun.

 Wu Zun and South Korean actress showing a  good partner relationship as demanded for the drama  "absolute darling,". Before going back to Korea, Goo Hye Sun tried her hands in painting & done it perfectly, to give it as gift for Wu's Birthday. Wu Zun said happily: "I bring home Biaokuang, as a heirloom."

As on this birthday wu Zun will make a special trip back to Brunei, to celebrate with family & friends. He said, "Receiving this gift is also a benefit of good work back to Korea". The two were together three days in Taiwan, in addition to conferences, also co-produced several plays quickly test the water temperature; her use of the work neutral paint, offer this unique birthday gift, so that Wu Zun was very moved, she said: "Chinese people's mascot is a fish, wish him a higher level!"
The painting was that of a "Gold fish". Sun said,"As the Gold Fish is seen as of a higher virtue in China, I wish Zun all good lucks with this Fish painting." "Its not that good though",she laughed.


Wendy said...

First visit to this blog. I'm really excited about Wu Chun & Hye Sun's new drama. Appreciate updates on this. Thank you. This blog is pretty cool.

AnotherWorld said...

Thanx Wendy for appreciating this blog. I'm glad you liked the post. I'm excited too about their drama. I'll try my best to keep this blog alive, & will post all recent updates.
Xie Xie..