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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Death Girl Premiere : Aaron & Serena moved to tears.

"Death Girl," almost took six months, and now finally premiered today (7 oct.). At the press conference at the premiere, Serena Fang and Aaron, to see the results of their efforts moved to tears. The could not help but to cry. Serena Fang threading the whole play, and she and every actor was introduced as their characters in Death Girl. Aaron disclosed that the various acts of the play for the young people were struck because they have uttered "family revolution."

Aaron said that he returned to Taiwan from United States to study, because progress can not keep up with the same as in US ~~  bad grades. Mother was very demanding, perfect 94 was also not sufficient in his case, & that let him under great pressure. Once he could not help & finally secretly tampered with the results. He was later found out by his father very angry, angered and even reward him a slap, and since then the relationship between family is very tense.

Aaron entered the microblogging, but his real name "Yan King" was already stolen by other users first. When asked have your brokerage firm's management office to applied  for micro-blog with his name, he says with a laugh: " had to have a humble attitude. "But the day brought more than 200 fans in the basket, there are many fans of the " Yan King, " now.

Serena Fang play "Death Girl," this role also encountered a bunch of shooting conditions,she described before she had tight costumes, tired, sometimes out of breath and collapsed, , woke up to find herself in hospital , next to other patients, she was shocked, did not dare tell her mother as she was afraid to let her worry.

CREDITS:  Public Television, Now News.