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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Will Fahrenheit Fall Apart..?? Contract expires at end of year.

 Fahrenheit recently launched a new album, " too hot ". There are rumors that this album is the swan song of Fahrenheit , although the four members had categorically denied , but according to the Hong Kong media reports, as their contract is going to end , Wu Chun has decided not to renew , or even to give up singing. The reason was his wish to spend more time with his father in his ill health , and help take care of his father 's business in Brunei .
 Smooth renewal
It is reported that the sub- five-year contract signed in 2005 with the record companies, will officially expire at the end of this year . More than a year ago, executives of both companies have contract talks with the four to match up & try to meet their demands.
Singing Skills The Most Stable , Aaron Yan Always Wanted To Launch A Solo Album , The Agent Agreed , But Since Then Till Now , The Record Company Says That The Time Is Not Right Yet And Temporary Arrange Him To Act In Idol Dramas . Calvin Wanted To Act In More Idol Dramas As Male Lead And It Happened , The Company Arranged Him And Jiro To Act In << Mo Mo Love >> , And With Aaron In << Love Buffet >> , Also Guest Starred In Chun's Drama << Sunshine Angel >> .

As For Jiro , He Once Thought Of Forming His Own Talent Agency , To Groom His Friends Which Were Once His Bandmates , Dong Cheng Wei , And Said That He Did Not Want To Continue His Contract . Rumour Says That That Caused His Company To Stop All His Activities . One Senior Worker , Persuaded Him Not To Ruin His Furute , And Agreed That He Will Launch An Album For Dong Cheng Wei . And Jiro Agreed To Continue His Contract . Later Then , Comics Pte Ltd Arranged Dong Cheng Wei To Guest Star In << KO3ANGUO >> , But Eventually Did Not Launch A Album For Them , Rumoured That That Causes Jiro To Have Many Complains . Feeling Guilty To His Brothers . Luckily , << KO3ANGUO >> Broadcasted , And Because It Has Good Ratings , Warner Decided To Sign Them , Jiro Then Felt Relieved .
Wu Zun is still hesitant
Wu Chun is the only one in four has not agreed to renew . China Institute record companies can not get him because he is the most profitable male artist in the company  , advertising, film and commercial speech about endless , frozen his company no good. And Wu Zun also not afraid of this set , in addition to prominent because of their own family , he has been too much work , no time to take care of his father and take care of business in Brunei , have already think of killing themselves .

Reporters asked onconference that " Are they falling out " when Aaron , Jiro and Calvin immediately rushes to refute . Aaron said: " We have been together so long, why will fall apart ? " Jiro said : "You are so old fashioned , and said that! " Calvin said: " We will not separate . " Wu Zun only one People sitting around not talking.
Asked whether his contract soon to expire ? He said: "I and the company also contracts , there are many records of work to do . ( if not to renew ?) depends on company to arrange , but really hope next year will not have such a heavy workload, can have Some time with dad. He is old, in poor health. ( will not give up singing ?) I am very satisfied with the results of years in the singing career , but still want more to take care of my father , which I do not want to The biggest reason to make records . ( want to focus on making a movie? ) I always liked making movies . idol drama performances is very limited , nothing more than the role of the prince , the sun and the good boy , but the audience can be seen in the movies The other side of me. "

Worried about father condition
According to reliable sources , 65 -year-old father of Wu deteriorating health in recent years , long waist and feet suffer increasingly severe suffering . Wu Chun 's brother to take care of his wife and daughter to concentrate on marriage , my sister recently had a third son, have little time to care for Wu parent . When Wu mother was suffering from cancer Wu family had concealed it from Wu Zun studying in Australia , until he graduated from college he came to knew his mother is at the end of cancer, he regrets this tat he has failed to promptly take care of mother.
Wu Zun the past five years almost every day at work, at the same time he was also increasingly concerned about his father , in order to avoid another regret , decided to take good care of Chun father, no longer intends to China after the expiry of contract research .

Note: These are all local papers news in Taiwan. So we are not going to take it seriously.

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