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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fahrenheit locked up in Huang Zi Jiao IceHouse.

Fahrenheit new album " Too Hot", in which they seems to break apart from Ice.Now, it gets real, all four are locked inside Huang Zi Jiao "IceHouse" & with all their might shouted "Too HOT" bearing with the cold in the Too HOT outfits. Huang Zi Jiao host to the icehouse restaurant with 4 " cools " in Taiwan, Aaron , Jiro ,Wu Chun and Calvin came close to being locked in the icehouse or really get locked inside.

4 have recently recorded a Dong Feng Huang Zi Jiao presided over the " handsome friend it " program , the name comes from Fahrenheit "Fahrenheit "temperature transliteration from the brokerage companies, especially for the 4 seasons set the temperature of 4 quarter ; however, They said: " together for years down the monasteries , and now have they share the same temperature . "

Speaking of Sad since their debut , 4 of them have grievances to spit . The series is the first co-star of any supporting actor Jiro , " started with a kiss ", the other three members are only passers-by. Wu Chun said , My father wanted to see him follow the trip because of the global run, but he could only stay at the hotel my father waited in vain , consciously or filial piety .

Aaron expressed his appreciation to the teachers , because of his identity as of student artists , after the shooting so tired that when at school often fall asleep , the teacher declared that improper off him.

As current Tourism Ambassador, Fahrenheit  accumulated a lot of  knowledge . Calvin said , the deepest impression of Hong Kong is the Victoria Harbour night ; Wu Zun said that like most everywhere, making scenery , but also to enjoy the lost feelings , there are times also from the company to go 1 hour back home in , Jiro access cavity , said: " He has also walked nine times Chung Hsiao East Road . "

Credits: CNA
Video: Credits to SmileRobenita
LINK: video on Youtube

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