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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fahrenheit as a Conductor: Taipei to Hualien Carp Lake.

" Fahrenheit " as the conductor for the journey from Taipei to Hualien Carp Lake, Attracted over one thousand overseas fans  from Japan and South Korea , Southeast Asia and New Zealand, Australia , Canada and India, meaning Britain and the Netherlands up to 15 countries and geographical States.  "Fahrenheit" in the popular  and let the Carp Lake in Hualien packed the venue to see such enthusiasm for overseas fans as they scream continuously. "Fahrenheit" did their best , fulfilling the role of spokesperson talking about the venue description, food, beauty and indigenous culture  , it wil Leave a good impression of Taiwan .
To fulfill its responsibilities tourism spokesman , Aaron describes the activities celebrating the 500 million people of Taiwan event , Wu Chun introduce Taiwan night market culture , Jiro and Calvin introduced the East to spend other sightseeing spot . "Fahrenheit "and the bamboo pole dance fans with fun , food hunting interest and introduce Hualien , Taiwan Tour last fast singing the theme song "Touch Your Heart" and other songs to the highest tide , cover himself by four medals and the fans a Taiwan tourism shook hands , so that fans have great memories . Activities last "Fahrenheit "and similar overseas fans together to celebrate next year the 100th anniversary of the founding of Taiwan come sets of various large-scale events to meet fans before and "Fahrenheit" reluctantly bid farewell to plan for activities under the successful period , and the promise of the next Of the Taiwan see the agreement.
"Fahrenheit" four members, in addition to accompany fans take the tourist train , will also Carp Lake in Hualien and the fans to enjoy the indigenous culture, including the small rice , mochi , bark crafts DIY, Hualien and Taitung in turn introduces a new tourist attractions , but also to accompany the fans Play Bamboo Dance , and pro- fan cover Taiwan Tourism medals , and finally singing the theme song of Taiwan tourism "Touch Your Heart".

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