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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jiro wang likes solo ride.

Jiro Wang likes to act cool the most out of all the Fahrenheit members as everyone knows, and even during his leisure time, he chooses the “coolest” way to spend it, which is to go ride on his motorcycle with his friends. A couple of months ago, he bought a new motorcycle, but when asked how much it cost, he timidly replied that it was a birthday gift from his mom. However, he lied to his mom that it cost only around NT$300,000, when in fact it was NT$960,000 after all the add-ons and modifications – he paid the remainder NT$600,000 out of his own pocket.

His motorcycle is of an Italian brand name, where there are only eight available in Taiwan; even his helmets are of limited editions costing NT$20,000 each with only 750 of them available in the world. He was in his full motorcycle gear on the day of the interview, imagining as if he was Andy Lau from “Full Throttle”.

His motorcycle has been modified with many carbon fiber parts and he has also raised the gas pedal to help him speed up quicker, but he advises motorcycle lovers to always put safety first, “If you drink, don’t drive.” The unfortunate part about his close to a million dollar motorcycle is that there is only one seat, unable to give any girl a lift. He responded, “At the moment, I only want to ride solo.”

Since Jiro has always been conscious about his appearance, when asked if his hair would be all messy after taking off his helmet, he immediately said, “I wonder about that myself! Before when people recognized me and requested for a photo, I took the pictures with my helmet on.” For the first time, he took off his helmet for the interview, but his hair was perfectly fine, which made him feel very proud.

Credits : AppleDaily