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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wu Zun & Basket Ball idol Yao Ming had exchanged blows.

 Wu Chun's love of sports is also exceptional, especially in basketball. In 2008 he starred in Taiwan hit idol drama "Basketball Fire" in which Brunei basketball team has been selected & attracted a lot of Wu Zun "fans". In the play Wu Zun can accurately take into account either shot, goal, attack or defense. He is "obedient" lover of Basketball  .

As the father is the chairman of the Brunei Amateur Basketball Association, so quite a talented Chun started playing basketball at young age, and played in Brunei's youth basketball team, played a lot of games on behalf of Brunei. Interestingly, Wu Chun has played against Yao Ming. He said: "It was 12 years ago, a Southeast Asian competition, Brunei and the Chinese team played against each other, but that time we did not communicate, just played,because then we're all still kids  he was not so famous then, but I remembered that he hit the ball pretty well & very high.  Because of personal reasons, quit Brunei youth team, Wu Zun did not give up in sports development. 19 years old , when opened a billiard room doing  business in Brunei, done not only a good business, but found the rapid growth of their level of table tennis. Since then, Wu Chun and fitness coach to make a transition, then the suggestion into the entertainment business came. While in the care of his career at the same time, Wu Zun also regularly participate in some sports. In some interview, Wu Chun had also joked the future, if done well, it will be back playing, "I'm still great at basketball skills, will be with friends and just play."

Wu Zun's idol is Michael Jordan, while studying in Australia, Chun mad for basketball  flied to the United States specifically to look for Jordan , but also got photo twice. He recalls that when in Washington, got photo of Michael Jordan & was very excited to see, "But when the New york photos were flushed out, he find that there was a problem with the camera & all photos were black, he was very furious." Then he purchased a new camera & again flied to Washington, Wu Zun there saw Michael Jordan & put forward to ask for photo, "Fortunately, he agreed." now, although the AMBASSADOR for development of performing arts in Taiwan, Wu Zun is still has basketball feelings: "If I go back, can still be in the national team. "

Credits: NetEase.