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Friday, October 22, 2010

Aaron Yan :Career Once Affected By Gay Rumor

Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan (Real name: Wu Genglin) has been in the showbiz for 6 years now and became popular with boy band group Fahrenheit. But his showbiz life isn't always smooth---he discloses he was once replaced in a drama because of gay rumor. He finally understands the importance of "love yourself, others will love you then."

The 24-year-old idol was discovered by talent companies in a special way. He put up a handsome photo of him on Yahoo Match [1st pic below] and gained popularity quickly. After seeing the photo on the front page, companies like GTV, SETTV, and Comic Ritz all approached him once, and he decided to sign Comic Ritz in the end.

Aaron's first time acting was in "An Shi Ai Mei Hui". He didn't earn anything from his 2-episodes guest appearance. In fact, he was afraid of camera and was shivering the whole time, making him once fear of acting. After all, singing is what he is interested in. Soon, future members of Fahrenheit Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Wu Zun entered Comic Ritz. The four first shoot drama "K.O One" together then grouped as Fahrenheit, and finally receiving the fame they never received before.

Aaron discloses Wu Zun was very indecisive when they just grouped as Fahrenheit, because he was afraid of singing and dancing. "I told Wu Zun, we need you, let us fight together," he says. He admits it wasn't easy for the them to unite as one. "We need to get used to living as a group. I'm the youngest. Things I know and interested in are different than theirs. It's hard to avoid having a gap. The person who talks to me the most is Wu Zun. He's like a dad, always telling me things. Last year's concert helped us get closer a lot, letting us know the strength when the four of us get together is great."

Aaron is always on a smooth road of acting, but it wasn't until 2007 that a problem occurred---his role in "Rolling Love" is replaced [by fellow Fahrenheit member Jiro]. "I didn't know the reason why, until after I shoot 'Mysterious Incredible Collector' that I was informed it was because of the homosexual rumor about me," he discloses. "After that, I only go out with girls and don't dare to stand too close with guys. Or I'll just stay at home," he says helplessly.

Aaron as a baby!
He finally understands people will love you if you love yourself while shooting "MIT," and carefully fixed his working attitude. Recently he is willing to shoot two series "Love Buffet" and "Gloomy Salad Days" at once. "I really don't want to miss 'Gloomy Salad Days' because it has a good screenplay. Working with veteran actors like Gao Jie makes me mature rapidly," he says.

Because of his father's job before, Aaron stayed in the US and didn't return Taiwan until 5th grade. Now he wants to earn more money, so his father, who works as a doctor, can retire early and enjoy a good life with his wife.

Credits: Kay, Apple Daily.