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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hong Kong: Aaron paints Zun's nose & stoles kiss from him.

 According to Hong Kong media reports, yesterday an autograph show  of Fahrenheit ( 飛輪海 )was held in Star Hall , and the four were late , so that activities were one hour delayed . Coincides with the 10th of this month is Wu Zun's Birthday , the company brought the cake to celebrate in advance.
Fahrenheit's mainland trip is a total of 6 days , local fans have not seen them for long time ,every morning fans have brought love , all kinds of clothes, toys , CD, Biaokuang gift to idols , that resulted evening back to the hotel with 25 kilos.

  Calvin apologized for being late to the media , and explain as to pack up and late , because they got  gifts from all the fans , but eventually were overweight with 190 kg luggage. The airline charged for the excess weight around 70,000NT that got the staff members in cod sweats. But this fine can still be afforded with all the love we got from the fans.

In fact, already announced as the Line of Duty that Fahrenheit will not accept gifts , do not take the fans home-made gifts and letters, but Fahrenheit said that a gift is from every fan 's heart, as long as not too expensive , and they will accept it.

Four of them continued the Program , Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, Jiro(Big East) were exposed arms and chest. When Big East pulled his vest top nets in the non-stop dancing  ,it made the temperature shot up. They sing the first song , " too hot "when presented to the fans blew kisses from time to time , and kept posing , of course, with the fans after playing the game. Aaron and the fans playing hula hoop , a close contact ; Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang also raised the vest, a big show of strong abdominal muscles.

Wu Zun cut the cake with other three members. Wu Zun , congratulated by the audience  the fans sing the birthday song , Aaron painted Chun's nose with the cream & also stole a kiss at right cheek that caused a great shot up in the audience & Wu Zun was left astounded with that sudden blow.

Asked Wu Chun 's birthday wish , he expressed the hope that the album will be welcomed , and I wish you all good health. He also disclosed that the company has hired a few days , hoping to travel with his family , but the location not yet determined. Asked about rumored girlfriend Rainie will also accompany ? Wu Zun laughed and said : " Not really , but with the family. ( there is that does not ?) have not . "

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