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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fahrenheit looking forward to Spring Festival Gala, appeal fans to pray for Selina.

October 23, Fahrenheit debut 5 years has been hot. New album "Too Hot" signings was held in Changsha Haoledi KTV, which attracted thousands of fans swarming there. Despite the popularity of them, its still a dream to Fahrenheit, they hope to have a chance to Gala.

Looking forward to the Spring Festival Gala

Every year, hundreds of millions of viewers waiting intently for CCTV show most of the local artists can not miss the stage. Preparations are already begun  for the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala & they also reported four kings or F4 is expected to be invited. For this stage, bursting with popularity in recent years, Fahrenheit look forward to the opportunity to respect the director by the Spring Festival Evening phase.

"Spring Festival is the annual fest & famous for people having great parties, we have also hope to have the opportunity to step into this arena," Aaron laughed. In addition, three other members of the more blunt the stage over the years, particularly value the Spring Festival Evening: "Earlier we were in Beijing also had a record called" I want the Spring Festival, "the program, I hope there really are opportunities debut show, and with more fans spend New Year's Eve. "

Pray for Selina.

October 22,  Selina and Yu Hao Ming caught in sudden & unexpected blast while filming "I Have a Date with Spring" . For media reports, Selina The wounded were identified as three burns, and burns covering more than 50%, fear of skin grafting to be carried out in the news, Rene Liu, big S, little S, Kevin Tsai, Mavis Fan and many other artists all have in microblogging in its blessing.

While Jiro and other members were microblogging their blessings for her, but in Changsha signings reporters asked accompanying staff and they said the inconvenience to answer. But the four directly expressed great concern aside, the staff: "In fact, this happened, we are all microblogging related news concerned about them, but currently there is no final confirmation. For Actors accidents in the process of filming are inevitable, it also reminds that one's safety is most concerned. Hearing the news that this accident occured, our hearts are very heavy, and I want her to be stronger and get better, we will pray in our hearts for her , hope you can bless her. "

Credits: rednet.cn